Castle APK v1.9.0 Free Download | Latest App Version (47.3MB)

Castle App APK is an app that acts as a platform to access a vast range of Movies and TV Shows for free. The users can easily stream their favorite movies or TV Shows available at the library. Also, this app has more than Movies and TV series. Users can watch Live Sports like cricket, football, Basketball, etc.

There are lots of streaming platforms available on the internet right now. But most of them are based on subscription methods. So the user has to pay for the subscription monthly or annually. Otherwise, you can’t watch any of the content. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are some of the famous streaming platforms that are subscription-based. But Castle Apk comes to the play breaking every barrier. You don’t need to pay for any subscription anymore. This app is completely free and every content on the library is totally free to watch.

When the other streaming platforms require monthly or annual subscriptions, why does Castle App Apk provide you with all the content for free? The main reason for this is the advertisements. When you are using a platform like Netflix you will not get any ads when you open the app on your device. But when you open the Castle app on your device, you will find some ads on it. These ads are the revenue method of the developers. The user can easily close the ads and continue with the streaming.

It is important to mention that Castle App Apk is not available on the Google Play Store. Usually streaming apps which are not use subscription methods are not in Google Play anymore. Therefore you have to download the Castle Apk from a trusted source. The best thing is downloading this streaming app is totally free and very convenient.

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Castle Apk App Download For Android

App NameCastle App
Latest Versionv1.9.0
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

Installing Castle Apk on Android devices is very easy. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. So first you need to use the Castle App Apk Download button above and get the file to your device
  2. After that, make sure your Third-party installations are already allowed. If not you have to manually allow it to install the Apk file.
  3. Then find the downloads folder and open the Castle Apk file you downloaded.
  4. Next, continue with the installation process and wait until it is over.
  5. Finally, after the installation you are ready to open the app.

What is Castle Apk?

Simply Castle Apk is a streaming platform that includes Movies, TV Shows, and Sports. Among all the other streaming services this app stands out for its content and features. This app is very easy to download and install. Just download the app and enjoy unlimited streaming content for free.

The content of the Castle Apk is vast. Any user can find their favorite movie or TV show easily. There is a huge collection of Movies which ranges from Very old to the latest and TV shows are the same. Another best thing is if you are a sports fan you can stream live sports using the Castle App. Cricket Matches, Football, Tennis, Basketball, and many other major sports live events are available for free.

Castle Apk is trending on the internet right now. The main reason for this is the vast collection of Movies and TV shows available for free. Also, the capability of finding content easily is one of the other reasons for its popularity. Another main feature of the app is you can install this app on any Android device. Normally you have to pay more for platforms like Netflix to use on several devices at once. But Castle App breaks that barrier and everyone can install this on many devices.

Castle Apk is a direct derive from the main website. If you don’t have the app, then you can use any web browser and go to the main streaming site after that enjoy the same experience with the app using your web browser. But it is very convenient to use the Castle App on your smart device.

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Vast Collection of Latest Movies and TV Shows

The content library of the Castle Apk is massive. It is continuously growing along with the time. You can find all the latest movies and TV shows as well as the old ones. Also, there are lots of genres to watch.

Watch Castle App Content in Any Language

There is content in so many different languages and countries. Also, there is a feature to change the Audio track to different languages. You can change the audio track of the movie to your native language.

Subtitle Support

Using subtitles is the best way to understand a movie or TV show. Castle Apk provides you the ability to use subtitles while streaming. You can easily change the subtitles into different languages as well.

Watch Movies and TV Shows in HD

Castle Apk has the capability to provide you with the best streaming quality. Any user can change the quality from Low Quality to High Definition.

Download Movies and TV Shows

If you are not interested in online streaming movies or TV show episodes, the Castle App gives you a feature to download your favorite content to your device and watch it offline.

Straightforward User Interface

This app has a clean simple UI. Everything on the Castle Apk interface is well organized. Even a new user can easily understand what to do.

Content sharing with family and Friends via Social media

There is a feature to share any Movie or TV Show on the Castle Apk via social networks. Users can share with family and friends easily.

Ability To Create Lists

If you want to create a list of your favorite movies or TV shows, then Castle Apk allows you to do that. Also, there is a default list called Wached List. This helps to keep track of what you already watched.

Rate and Comment On Movies and TV shows

After you create an account with the Castle Apk, you are able to rate and comment on the Movies and TV Shows. These ratings help others to know about the content before watching.

Ability to Search and Find Content

Finding any content on the Castle App Apk is absolutely easy. There is a search bar on the app and there are some filters you can add to the search. These ease up the user experience on the app.

Castle App Download for iOS

There is no official Castle Apk version for iOS currently. In that case, you need to find an alternative app to watch Movies and TV shows until an official version comes.

Castle App APK Download for PC [Windows and Mac]

Castle Apk is not available as an official app for Windows or Mac. Therefore you need to use an Android emulator to install this application,

  1. So download and install an Android emulator like Bluestacks or LDPlayer on your PC
  2. Then download the Castle App Apk file.
  3. After that install it on the Android emulator.
  4. Now you can use the app on a PC.

Castle Apk Download for  Android TV

Go to the Web browser on your Android TV. Visit this site and download the Castle Apk file to the TV. Then install it. Now you can watch Movies and TV Shows on your Android TV via Castle Apk.

How To Use Castle App Apk?

User Interface

The Castle App Apk interface is pretty straightforward. Users will see a main menu at the top of the screen. It consists of tabs such as Home, Shows, Movies, TV, and Shorts. Then there is a Footer Menu. It consists of Home, Find, Sports, and Me Tabs.

Sign Up and Login

You have to go to the Me tab on the Footer Menu and you will be asked to sign up for the App. Then there are 3 choices to select Facebook, Gmail, and Phone Number. Create an account using one of them and enjoy Castle Apk full experience.

How To Watch Movies on Castle App Apk

You can use search on the top to find movies using Titles or you can easily browse the Movies Tab and select a one. Then click Play on the screen to start the streaming.

How To Watch TV Series and Find Episodes on the Castle App

There is a Shows tab in the app. You need to open it and find a TV show that you want to watch. Or if you know the title of the Series, then you can use the search bar. After you find a series, choose the episode you want to watch and tap the Play button.

How To Download Movies and TV Shows on Castle App

First, you need to find a Show episode or a Movie to download. Then come to the page of it. Now Click the play button and start streaming. In the Video player, you will see a Download Button on the right side. Click it to start the download. You can view all the downloads in the Download Tab of the Castle App Apk.

How To Update the App

If there is an update for the app you will get a notification to update. Click it and start the update. Or you can just come to this site and download the latest version of Castle Apk conveniently.

Safety and Legality

When considering the safety of the Castle App, users don’t have to panic at anything. The app is scanned for malware and other malicious content. There is no nothing harmful to your device found. So the user can install the Castle App Apk on his device without a doubt in mind. So the legality part of the app is also fine. You can use the app in any country or region without facing any legal issues. People all around the world use this app.

Pros and Cons


  • The content library in the Castle App is huge. So the user can explore and enjoy a vast range of Movies and TV Series in any genre, language, or time period.
  • Users can navigate the app without having any difficulty. The reason for this is the straightforward user interface. You don’t need prior knowledge to use Castle Apk.
  • Ability to download videos from the app itself. This is a big-time essential feature of this app. Any TV show episode or Movie, you can download seamlessly.
  • The app is totally available for free download plus you don’t need to subscribe for anything to watch content. Everything is free of charge.
  • Castle App Apk supports Chromecast. This helps to watch your favorite movie on a larger screen Like a smart TV or a Monitor.
  • Works with many smartphones and devices. Can easily install it on any device and log into the same account and use it on different devices at once.
  • The Movies and TV shows collection is updated with the time. Users can watch all the latest content without waiting.


  • Castle App is not available for iOS. This is a huge con right now for the iOS community. Therefore they have to use an alternative app for their entertainment purposes.
  • The user has to update the Castle Apk manually. Either you have to open the app and update the latest version or download the latest APK file and install it. There is no auto-update feature currently.


What does Castle Apk actually do?

Castle App Apk provides a hassle-free diverse streaming experience that anyone can enjoy easily.

Is Castle Apk Free?

Yes indeed. You can download this application absolutely for free. Also, the using of this app is totally free. No subscription is needed at all.

Is Castle Apk Safe?

This app is free from any malicious content. Also, any user from any region can use this streaming app with absolutely zero legal issues.

How does the streaming work on Castle App Apk?

The user can find and select a movie or TV show episode as his choice. Then he can directly view the content via the built-in player on the app.

Is the Castle App available for iOS?

No. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Is it available for PC?

There is no official application available for the PC currently. But you can always use an Android Emulator to solve this problem. Get an Android emulator. Then download and install Castle Apk to it. Now you can watch movies and TV episodes for free.

Can I use this app on multiple devices?

Unlike Netflix, You can install this streaming app on any smart device you have. Also, you can use them all at once.

Can I Download Movies using the Castle App?

Yes of course. Even though this is a streaming app, you can download any TV show or Movie that you want and watch them offline anytime you want.

Do I need to root my Android to use this app?

Castle Apk does not require any of the root permissions. So just like a normal app, you can install this app without any difficulty.

Can I watch content on HD?

You can easily select HD, SD, or LQ as the quality of the streaming.

Final Words

Overall, considering the above information, it is a fact that Castle App Apk is the best free entertainment application available on the market right now. It is free and very simple to use. The Movies and TV Show collection is incredibly large and can stream them in HD. So if you are a person who wants to have a great entertainment experience, then just download Castle Apk to your smart device. Protection Status