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Castle App for iOS is one of the most famous free online streaming platforms available now. Earlier it was only for Android. So the good news is that its community has decided to extend its compatibility for iOS devices too. The reason for this is the customer demand and the popularity that the app gained within a short period of time. Its benefits were quickly recognized by the streamers throughout the world.

Castle App for iOS contains content from all the cinema categories including Bollywood, Hollywood, Kollywood, Korean, Chinese, etc. You can watch them with subtitles in your own language. The genres you find in Castle App for iOS range from Drama, and history to horror, thriller, and everything in between. So you get movies, TV series, and web series on the same platform.

castle app for ios

Features of Castle App for iOS

  • The app supports picture-in-picture mode, which helps you continue streaming while working with other apps on your phone.
  • Castle App can support Handoff to let you continue watching the same video on another device without any interruption.
  • You will be informed about the new releases and other notifications of the app through your widgets.
  • Castle App for iOS allows the UI to be customized to Dark mode now.
  • Its users can enjoy continuous streaming as you do not need to manually select the next episode. The app will auto-play and play the next video.
  • You can enjoy high-quality videos with high resolution and clear sounds in Castle for iOS.
  • You can customize your own profile as you prefer it to be. The user accounts may contain your favorite genres, preferred subtitle language, history, and what you are interested in.
  • Castle App for iOS syncs well with the other iOS applications through iCloud and can be connected to other platforms and other Apple devices.
  • The notifications will keep you updated about future releases, new releases, app updates, special deals, paid content, etc.
  • The app has an extremely friendly user interface with utmost simplicity.
  • The advertisements will be blocked which could otherwise disturb your streaming experience.
  • You can rate and comment on the video you have watched or you already know about, so that the other users will benefit from it.
  • You own a watch list to which you can add movies and shows that you wish to continue watching or re-watch.
  • You can share the content in the Castle App for iOS on other social media platforms with your friends.
  • You can adjust the quality, sounds, and brightness while you watch videos in Castle App for iOS.

How to Install Castle for iOS?

You can get the Castle App for iOS from the Apple App Store as well as through an IPA file.

Method 1: From Apple App Store

Launch the Apple App Store and search for “Castle App for iOS” on the search bar. You can also find this among the list of Popular Entertainment apps. Either way, select the blue and black icon of the correct app.

Tap on the “Get” button to start downloading the app and wait for the Castle App for iOS to complete its installation too.

When the processes are over, you may find the new icon on your device’s Home Screen and tap it open. You will also have to grant the permissions requested by the app.

Create a new user profile, if you are new to the app, or log in to your account if you already have one. 

Now you are all set to start the unending streaming experience of your life.

Method 2: Using IPA File

First, you need to get the Castle App for iOS IPA file from the web. Make sure you download the file only from the official website of the app. This will protect your device from malware threats developed by unknown scammers.

Now connect your mobile to a Windows PC and allow the connection from your device.

Add the IPA file to iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, you will have to install it at this stage.

Connect the mobile to the IPA file from here and sync them so to move the file to the device.

Now disconnect the device from the PC and open “Settings”. Go to “General” and tap on “Profile & Device Management”.

Finally, you will be able to see the Castle App icon on your device screen. Tap on it and launch the application. You can begin your streaming experience here, right after you log in with your own user account.

Safety and Legality of Castle for iOS

Castle App for iOS originally is a well-known safe streaming app. Now that its developers introduced the iOS version of the same, there is a guarantee that the app is safe as well. Besides, the Apple App Store has accepted to contain it only because it recognizes the safety and legality of the app. This also involves the app behaving according to its Privacy Policies and the history of being clear of any threats to the users.

Given that the app is available right around the world without any restrictions, it also shows that the app can be trusted and that it is legal. Therefore, if you are new to Castle app, have no doubt about its safety and legality. Both of these factors have been well certified and you are totally out of harm to use it.

Castle for iOS FAQs

Q: Does Castle for iOS support Chromecasting?

A: Yes, it does. You can watch the movies on your Apple TV by having the app on your phone.

Q: Can I watch TV on the Castle App for iOS?

A: Yes, you will be able to watch TV programs on the Castle App for iOS.

Q: Can I download videos from the Castle App?

A: Of course you can. You can download any of the content you watch online and then watch it offline when you want.

Final Words

Introducing Castle App for iOS is an immense benefit for Apple users. You will definitely be able to revel in the free and undisturbed streaming experience that this app can bring you. 

Users with any taste will find uncountable content to watch that consumes all their time on this app. So Castle App for iOS is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time engaged with.

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